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Make a Difference!
Keys to Reading Success™ provides you with the tools and resources to make a difference in life of every student -- especially those who have not been successful in reading.
Impact on Learning

Using Keys to Reading Success™ significant gains were made in our district. In the Middle School, students rose from 1-6 years above grade level within 9 months.
--M. Smith, Asst. Supt for Curriculum, Manteno District.
Maximizing Achievement

“Before using the program, 2/3 of the students in grades 6 and 8 scored below state average on the state reading assessment test. After 8 months of using the materials and program 2/3 of the students in grades 6 and 8 scored above state average on the state tests. -- Lincoln Middle School, Chicago


                  Keys to Reading Success™

                            A Virtual Reading Specialist to Help Every Student


Keys to Reading Success™ provides teachers with the services of an online virtual reading specialist available to help teachers with screening, diagnosis and instruction. Even teachers who do not have any background in teaching reading can now give their students the expert help previously available only to those schools who had the benefit of enough reading specialists to help all students needing extra help. No other program provides the range and level of assistance offered by Keys to Reading Success™. Here’s why:

Keys to Reading Success™ is not simply a reading assessment program. It provides all the services you would expect from a reading specialist. Yes, it provides fast, expert, research-based reading screening and diagnosis. But that is just the beginning. Keys to Reading Success™ provides instant Individual Reading Plans that not only tell you what level the student is reading at, but tell you “why” the student reads at that level, and clearly lists the “specific” skills the student needs to work on next. And Keys to Reading Success™ doesn’t stop there. The program provides teachers with detailed, classroom-tested lessons, metacognitive instructional strategies, and aligned materials and resources so that every teacher, regardless of grade level or subject area—even those with absolutely no background in teaching reading—can provide targeted, effective help so every student succeeds in reading.

Feedback, monitoring and reporting are critical to success. That’s way Keys to Reading Success™ makes it a breeze for teachers and administrators to instantly and effortlessly create dozens of reports that track testing, instruction and most importantly, growth. And these reports can be automatically generated for a single students, groups of students, classrooms, schools. Keys Learning knows that there are times you will need to special reports, so Keys to Reading Success™ allows you to quickly create an almost limitless number of custom reports, based on various demographic data.


                   Keys to Reading Success™

                             Making A Difference –For Every Student


Are sub-groups at your Schools/Districts not meeting reading standards/AYP ?

Help students performing below standards – even non-readers – meet and exceed the standards for reading as measured by your state assessment.

 Keys to Reading Success™ helps all teachers teach reading – even teachers with little or no training in or knowledge of reading instruction. Special Education teachers, ESL/ELL teachers, high school teachers, and middle schools teachers are rarely trained in reading instruction. Keys to Reading Success™ is an easy to use tool for them. The program effectively places at their command a full-time, on demand virtual reading specialist. For teachers with backgrounds in reading, Keys to Reading Success™ provides the assessment, reporting and instructional tools to do their job more quickly and efficiently. Teachers will love the ease with which they can accurately assess, automatically monitor and instantly report on student reading levels and skills. This is the critical information teachers and students need to use immediately to guide instructional decisions that result in student success.

 Studies of the implementation of Keys to Reading Success™ in K-12 schools have demonstrated that students typically gain between 1-5 grade levels in reading, in less than one school year, when teachers use Keys to Reading Success™.

 Keys to Reading Success™ helps classroom teachers diagnose, monitor and instruct students at all grade levels so students make accelerated progress in reading. By using Keys to Reading Success™ even teachers with little or no background in teaching reading can immediately help students at every level make dramatic improvements in reading achievement.

This is not a self-directed program for students – it is a program that equips teachers with the tools and targeted resources to help every student improve in reading. Imagine the growth in motivation and self-esteem that results from real, measurable success that students and teachers can actually see, monitor and report.

Here’s what Keys to Reading Success™ offers:

  • Teachers (even those with no background in teaching reading) quickly administer and create clear and accurate diagnostic reports on students’ reading skills and reading level. These reports are used for intake, placement, instruction, and progress monitoring.
  • Teachers teach from where the student is at – providing targeted instruction based on the students’ current skill level. (Keys to Reading Success™ automatically performs the analysis, monitoring and reporting work for the teacher.)
  • Teachers can use the lesson plans included in Keys to Reading Success™ -- or teachers with a background in reading instruction can use their own lessons.

The included lessons are clear, easy to use, and are student and teacher tested. They include options for teaching to all learning styles. Also included are resource materials for teachers, students and parents.

  • Teachers use Keys to Reading Success™ for ongoing classroom-level formative reading assessment FOR learning. Teachers use the results to improve and accelerate student learning. There is no limit to the number of times teachers can assess a student’s progress and automatically create updated individualized reading plans and reports. The progress reports are available in a teacher, student, and parent versions.


                           Keys to Reading Success™

                                      The Right Kind of Assistance for Every Teacher!


 Keys to Reading Success™ is ideal for Special Education teachers, ESL/ELL, Middle School and High Schools teachers whose students are not meeting reading standards – or are non-readers. These teachers are not typically trained in remedial reading, and schools often do not have the resources to provide enough reading specialists for all the students with reading difficulties. Keys to Reading Success™ ensures that every student – even the student unable to read -- receives expert diagnosis, instruction, and ongoing formative assessment and progress reports showing gains and improvements.

 Keys to Reading Success™ automatically and instantly creates Individualized Reading Plans (IRPs) for every student. These IRPs provide teachers with specific guidance on the strengths and weaknesses of students and suggests specific lessons. These IRPs can be easily incorporated into IEPs for Special Education students, saving precious teacher time.

 Keys to Reading Success™ provides resources for teachers to involve students in their own learning and increase student understanding and motivation.

Keys to Reading Success™ provides specific, classroom tested lessons, resources and materials teachers can immediately use to help improve student test-taking skills, especially on high stakes state and national assessments.

Research tells us that the best way to teach reading is to start instruction where the student is at – and provide fast, accurate and ongoing feedback.

But we know that from a practical point of view teachers may not have the time or special training to accurately assess their students’ reading level and reading skills.

This is where Keys to Reading Success™ comes in.

Keys to Reading Success™ makes it easy for you to do it right and to accelerate student reading achievement. Build on student success, and increase student motivation to read and learn.


                           Keys to Reading Success™

                                      Watch How Fast Every Student Achieves Success!


By using Keys to Reading Success™ teachers will quickly and accurately

  • Identify students’ reading skills and reading level
  • Identify the skills your students need—individually and in groups
  • Instantly create an individualized reading plan (IRP)
  • Automatically create student learning groups based on the current skill levels of students
  • Provide easy to use, multi-sensory lesson plans targeted to each student’s skill level – or you may use your own lessons
  • Provide instant feedback so students can monitor their own progress, too.

For those teachers (Special Education, High School, Middle School, ESL/ELL, and Upper Elementary grades) who are not trained in teaching reading, Keys to Reading Success™ provides the easy to use tools and support to help teachers accelerate reading achievement for all of their students – no matter what the students’ current reading level.

Bonus Features Included in Keys to Reading Success™ at no additional cost:

  • Optional test of students learning style and brain hemispheric preference to create a “Superlink” profile for accelerated learning.
  • Resources for teachers: easy to use lesson plans for K-12 and above; all lesson plans include alternative teaching strategies for each learning style; links to articles and printable resources for planning instruction; parent involvement pages for each reading skill; reports for teachers, students and parents to monitor and measure success, and much more!

Some reading programs actually remove the teacher from the teaching-learning process. Those programs expect the teacher to put their students in front of a computer and let the computer try to teach reading. Some reading programs use self-paced instructional methods that expect the student to learning on their own. But research and the experience of successful teachers confirms that effective reading instruction keeps the teacher at the heart of the teaching-learning process. Keys to Reading Success™ believes that the best reading instruction is teacher-led and student-centered. Keys to Reading Success™ provides the tools and resources to free up teachers to do what they do best – focus on student learning.

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