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Make a Difference!
Keys to Reading Success™ provides you with the tools and resources to make a difference in life of every student -- especially those who have not been successful in reading.
Impact on Learning

"Using Keys to Reading Success™ significant gains were made in our district. Students rose from 1-6 years above grade level within 9 months."
--M. Smith, Asst. Supt for Curriculum, Manteno District.
Maximizing Achievement

“Before using the program, 2/3 of the students in grades 6 and 8 scored below state average on the state reading assessment test. After 8 months of using the materials and program 2/3 of the students in grades 6 and 8 scored above state average on the state tests. -- Lincoln Middle School, Chicago
Help Struggling Middle School Students Become Competent Readers in Months

Accelerate Content Area Reading And Help Students Prepare for High School

As Middle School teachers you know that your students need to develop their reading skills to succeed in Middle School level work. Often Middle School students who have struggled with reading do not get the help they need for a variety of reasons: Middle School teachers have not been trained to be reading teachers. There is little or no information about the specific reading skills the student has missed. If teachers know what reading skills a student needs, they don’t have the resources to provide the instruction. Plus, there are few practical resources available to help content area teachers integrate reading into their content. Now, the breakthrough Keys to Reading Success™ Program can help in all these areas. Whether your school has a remedial program or not, Keys to Reading Success™ will provide every teacher with the tools and resources they need to help all their students – even those who have struggled with reading for years. Read on to find out how Keys to Reading Success™ can help you.

Even students who are fluent readers need to prepare for state level assessments and more rigorous High School reading assignments. How can Middle School teachers teach their content and at the same time help students improve in the reading skills needed to succeed on state and national assessments?

Keys to Reading Success™ can help Middle School students become competent readers – whether they are struggling readers achieving years below their grade level, or they are trying to improve their scores on state assessments. Keys to Reading Success™ was developed by Ricki Linksman, author of How to Learn Anything Quickly, Solving Your Child’s Reading Problems, and Your Child Can Be a Great Reader, and Director of National Reading Diagnostics Institute. She has trained thousands of teachers to help students achieve reading success in their various courses. She has now made her proven tools and techniques available to teachers across the nation through Keys to Reading Success™, an internet delivered K-12 reading improvement program.

Keys to Reading Success gives Middle School teachers specific lessons designed to help students read and comprehend content-area textbooks, tests, and support material to master their courses. Students are provided the skills to be able to read high-level vocabulary words, understand their meaning, comprehend and interpret texts, take notes, study for tests, and use effective test-taking strategies to master various content area subjects. It includes test-taking strategies to raise scores on state and national assessments.

Use Keys to Reading Success™  with the Power of Internet Technology to:

·      Administer quick and easy screenings to find students who are reading below grade level.

·       Easily administer, within minutes, a complete on-line reading diagnostic test to students who are below level or who are struggling with content area reading and instantly identify why they are struggling with reading. Print an instant profile of your student’s reading level, fluency, word-reading ability, vocabulary, and comprehension skills and a prescriptive individual reading plan to know what specific gaps to remediate and how to solve their reading problems.

·      Generate dozens of Instant and customized reports and an Individual Reading Plan for each student.

·      Provide targeted instruction to insure mastery of reading.

·      Disaggregate data to form flexible groupings for instruction.

·      Automatically monitor and document progress and growth.

Special Features of Keys to Reading Success™ 

Screening and Diagnosis:
Using the power of technology Keys to Reading Success™  provides, in real time, a complete diagnosis of students’ reading levels and skills in word-reading, comprehension (literal and inferential), vocabulary, reading speed, and fluency rate. Tests are scored instantly with immediate results. 

The program automatically generates an individual reading plan that prescribes what to teach the student for improvement, and produces reports for each student that you can use as the basis for instruction in reading.

The diagnostic and assessment data is disaggregated into numerous fields to meet the reporting needs of classroom teachers, and to meet the requirements of NCLB for your school and state.

An optional learning style and brain hemispheric preference test can help the teachers find their student’s strongest learning modality so the student can receive instruction adapted to accelerate learning.   


·      Keys to Reading Success™ contains an entire program (Pre-K, K-12 and college level) in all aspects of reading with proven, explicit metacognitive lesson plans. For those students who cannot decode words due to lack of phonics skills, there is an accelerated course in phonics that can be taught within four to nine months so your students can gain the skills to decode challenging high school and college prep words. Lessons in comprehension and vocabulary help them develop strategies to understand a wide variety of texts. All lessons are aligned to state standards.

·       Test-taking strategies help teachers prepare students for class, district, state, and national tests, as well as college entrance examinations. The combination of the comprehension, vocabulary, advanced word-reading skills, and test-taking strategies have raised student scores on state and college entrance examinations nationwide.

·       Lessons are included that apply comprehension, vocabulary, and test-taking skills to content area subjects such as science, social studies, literature, math, etc. 

·       All lessons have components in all the different learning styles for targeting a student’s most successful strategy for learning.

Assessment and Progress Monitoring:

·      Keys to Reading Success provides quick re-assessment and instantly reports whether students have mastered the skills and have made measurable gains.

·      The program keeps track of results and gains for ease of progress monitoring and reporting.

·      Student reports help students become active participants in their own goal setting and progress.

 Motivate Student Success

·      Keys to Reading Success is a tool that raises students’ self-esteem and motivation so students realize they can achieve.

·      Empower your students to become lifelong lovers of reading.

Who Can Benefit from Keys to Reading Success? High School Reading teachers, English teachers, and all content-area teachers. This program is used successfully by regular education teachers, special education teachers, Title 1 teachers, and teachers of English Language Learners.

How can I see the program in action? You can arrange to have an on-line demo from any computer with an Internet connection. Without leaving your school or home, see how this time saving, cost-effective, and proven program can help your students succeed.

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