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Make a Difference!
Keys to Reading Success™ provides you with the tools and resources to make a difference in life of every student -- especially those who have not been successful in reading.
Impact on Learning

”2/3 of the students in grades 1-3 rose from 1-7 grade levels in reading above grade level in one school year. "In that one year, I learned more about teaching reading from this training than from my entire college education."  --M.S., Teacher, Farragut Elementary School.
Impact on Teachers

"The teacher training in reading is the best I have ever taken." --Special Education Teacher, Naperville Public Schools

"The course in how to teach reading stretched my thinking about learning. The material was practical, hands-on, and relevant. Excellent trainer. It is the best course I have taken in years." --High School Title 1 Reading Teacher,  Downers Grove, Illinois

"I now have some tools and tests to evaluate why some of my students are not learning and to  have techniques to teach to all my students. I recommend that every teacher take this training--it will open your eyes and hearts."  --Teacher, Aurora Public Schools


Professional Development Programs Create Results

Keys To Reading Success  Professional Development

Keys To Reading Success™ is a comprehensive internet delivered reading program focused on helping teachers understand the principles of effective research-based reading instruction, and providing teachers with the skills to screen, diagnose, instruct and assess student progress in reading. The program provides teachers with resources, research and tools needed for effective instruction and assessment in the areas of phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, study skills, and test-taking skills. The program’s goal is to provide teachers with the tools, resources and strategies to ensure that every student is reading at or above grade level in the shortest possible time. We understand the need for high quality, sustained professional development to maximize the use of any program or process. That's why the team at Keys Learning is focused on providing proven, research-based professional development.

The Keys to Reading Success™ Professional Development Program provides for a comprehensive approach designed to bring about measurable results in teacher practice and student achievement in reading. It is based on principles of effective professional development identified by years of research by respected sources such as the National Staff Development Council, The U.S. Department of Education’s National Evaluation of the Eisenhower Program, The Consortium for Policy Research in Education, The National Partnership for Excellence and Accountability in Teaching, and the work of a host of authors and educators including Bruce Joyce and Beverly Showers, Susan Loucks-Horsley, Thomas Guskey, Michael Fullan, and Dennis Sparks. 

The purpose of professional development is most often to close a perceived gap in results or outcomes between what exists and what is desired. In education, the bottom line is student achievement. Evidence suggests that providing professional development focused on the content and methods directly related to the teaching-learning experience can bring about change in teacher behavior and student outcomes. To be effective professional development has to be ongoing, directly related to the day-to-day work of the teacher, well organized and effectively structured and delivered, and supported by the administration and internal organizational systems.

The Keys To Reading Success™ Professional Development Program provides for a comprehensive, research-based approach to enhancing teacher practice and improving student reading achievement. The National Staff Development Council identifies three areas that must be addressed to ensure effective professional development: Content, Process and Context. The Keys To Reading Success™ Professional Development model addresses all three areas.

Participants attend an initial two-day training providing an overview of the components of an effective research-based reading program, and practicing screening, diagnosis, assessment, instruction and progress monitoring and reporting. This CONTENT is research-based and directly related to the work teachers engage in daily in their classroom. In addition, participants continue to study and apply in greater depth the knowledge and skills related to reading instruction and reading improvement. The training is designed and delivered based on the principles of effective staff development and effective adult learning.

The PROCESS is designed to provide ongoing, job-embedded, systemic professional development. Prior to attending the initial two-day training, participants form school-level reading teams (3-6 per team). These School-Level Reading Teams (SRTs) work together during the school year to study, practice, reflect, share results, and support each others’ learning and skill development. The SRTs use the Keys To Reading Success™ professional development study-guide as their curriculum. The School Reading Teams meet regularly (once every 2 weeks, or minimally, once a month). The participants implement lessons and assessments in their classrooms, debrief with their SRT, create and share original lessons, share the reports of student progress, develop and document a “reading success” portfolio, and provide each other with support and feedback. In addition, teachers have access online help and web-based and telephone consultation with a Keys To Reading Success™ Coach.

CONTEXT: A building administrator (preferably the principal) engages in study of effective reading programs and supports the work of the SRTs. In addition, the school or district provides the team with a supportive, trained coach/facilitator. Participants and coaches use an “Implementation and Results Checklist” to guide their progress. District and school-level administrators meet monthly to review the progress of the program, learn about the principles of research-based reading instruction, and provide ongoing support to the work of the SRTs and the professional development program.

Additional training (one-day modules) can be provided throughout the school-year or during the summer to further deepen learning and practice on the key components being implemented in the classroom.

EVALUATION: The final evaluation of success is documented by tracking improvement in reading scores. Keys to Reading Success™ automates the data reporting function to make evaluation quick and easy.  Reports of student improvement on individual skills, groups of skills, increase in instructional reading level, and state standards mastered can be instantly generated to determine student achievement. In addition, evidence of teacher implementation can be easily documented through automated reports on skills taught, standards taught, and teacher portfolios.

The initial two-day training on teaching reading, using the Keys To Reading Success™ instructional approach. An outline of content and methods is attached. The training curriculum includes reading strategies, assessment techniques, setting high mastery expectations, giving positive reinforcement, and the Keys To Reading Success™ philosophy of reading instruction. Instructional and curriculum materials support the implementation of the new skills in the classroom.

Teachers learn to schedule class time efficiently, track student progress, and select an instructional schedule that fits within the existing time frame for instruction in their schools. They learn to administer informal reading inventories to place students in reading materials at the appropriate instructional level and also how to set high expectations for student performance.

Optional follow up 1-day in-depth trainings are available on:
           Screening, Diagnosis and Progress Monitoring
           Phonemic Awareness and Phonics
           Fluency and Vocabulary
           Study and Test-taking Skills, and Parent involvement

Other training is available from experienced Keys Learning trainers in programs that range from one to five days. In addition to Keys to Reading Success Reading Improvement Seminars, the following seminars are offered: Accelerated Reading, Accelerated Learning, Content-Area Reading, and Integrating Literature, Comprehension, and Study Skills. In addition, customized training is available to meet the specific needs identified by schools and districts.

How can I learn more? You can arrange to have an on-line demo from any computer with an Internet connection. Without leaving your school or home, see how this time saving, cost-effective, and proven program can help your students succeed.

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