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You can quickly and easily see how Keys to Reading Success™ works, from the comfort of your own school, office or home. Set up a guided tour at your convenience!
Make a Difference!
Keys to Reading Success™ provides you with the tools and resources to make a difference in life of every student -- especially those who have not been successful in reading.  
Impact on Learning

"I now have some tools and tests to evaluate why some of my struggling students are not learning and to I now have techniques to teach to all my students. I recommend that every teacher take Ricki Linksman's training -- it will open your eyes and hearts." -- Teacher, Aurora Public Schools
Maximizing Achievement

"Two-thirds of our students in grades 1-3 rose from 1-7 grade levels in reading above grade level in one school year. In that one year, I learned more about teaching reading from Ricki Linksman than from my entire college education." --M.S., Teacher

Ask the Reading Expert
By Ricki Linksman

Welcome! When my first book, Solving Your Child's Reading Problems was published in 1995, followed by How to Learn Anything Quickly, and Your Child Can Be a Great Reader, I began receiving letters and calls from around the world from people who had questions about and problems with reading and learning. Realizing that people need a place to go to for help, guidance, and direction in this area--whether for their students, their children, their trainees or themselves, I opened this free advice column on my Superlinks Accelerated Learning and Reading Instruction Center site. Now that my programs are being offered online by Keys Learning, I have continued the free service on this site.  

I know how frustrating it can be when you can't seem to find the help and answers you need. Over the years people have told me that I have helped them find answers to difficult problems that they could not find elsewhere. Using a process of reading diagnosis, and assessments on brain-based Learning I have helped thousands of children and adults improve their reading. If I do not have the answer myself, I research extensively to find out the solution, or I will point you towards a high-quality resource where you can find an answer. I hope I can also be of assistance to you with your questions and difficulties to give your peace of mind and positive solutions.

How "Ask the Reading Expert" works:

Step 1: E-mail your question by entering it in the space below and then clicking on the send email button.

Step 2: Check this page to find your question and the answer. (Note: If multiple people ask the same type of question, the question may be reworded slightly to reflect the interests of all the people asking that same question. So if you see a question similar to yours, then consider the answer to be yours. Your name will not be published for your privacy. Due to heavy volume of questions, please allow 3-4 weeks for replies. Our privacy policy is that any personal information such as names and e-mail addresses will not be shared with anyone else.)

Step 3: If you have further questions regarding the reply, reference the question and reply by Question number (example: each question will be labeled Q1, Q2, Q3, etc.) and e-mail us again.

Please think of this site as your own virtual Reading Specialist who you can turn for answers to questions and advice in the area of reading and learning. It’s my hope that everyone experiences the joy of reading and learning.

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